At Haven we are continuously monitoring and reviewing the fluctuating costs of the utilities to ensure that we secure the most competitive tariffs for you. We purchase the utilities for all Bourne Leisure sites commercially so the capping scheme for residential properties, will not be applicable to Bourne Leisure. But rest assured, we are doing all we can to get the best prices for owners and for Bourne Leisure. Please note, if you holiday home uses bottled gas, any new bottles will be charged to your owner account at the time you purchase.


As with any home, the gas and electricity cost will vary upon usage. Your gas and electricity meters will be read at the end of the season, and you will receive your bill in November each season. If you are concerned about the usage of gas and electric, here are a few tips to reduce usage:


While you’re on park using your holiday home:

  • Switch all light bulbs to LED’s
  • Turn outside lights off or install a photocell so the lights only come on when it is dark
  • Ensure you have low flow rate shower heads and taps
  • Keep your heating thermostat between 19 and 21 degrees

While you’re away from your holiday home:

  • Turn off all electrical items, don’t leave electrical items on standby
  • Turn the fridge setting to number 1 (remember to leave the fridge and freezer turned on)
  • Turn thermostat to 10ºC

Your park team can assist with reducing your usage by installing some of the above, get in touch with your Experience team to find out more and get a quote.