We are asking all visitors to our parks to pre-register before they arrive, this includes Haven holiday guests, owners, contractors and private letting guests. We have a contactless arrival process which allows guests to arrive on park and get to your holiday home quickly and safely. We need the details of all arrivals to ensure this process goes smoothly.

We will be requesting contact information from your guests to update them on our arrivals procedure, and to keep our parks safe and secure. We will send your guests an email with this information prior to their arrival. We will not use your guest’s data for any other reason than sharing key communications with them. For example, in case of an emergency. We will hold your guest's data for a maximum of 30 days after your guests have departed. The full privacy policy will be available on the online pre-registration form and will be issued to your guests in our arrival communication.

Please note: All Haven guests are being asked to supply the same information above and will only be used in conjunction with our new arrival process and to ensure we are safe.